MORF is available as an app on the iPhone, iPad, and Android Devices. You can download it on iOS here and on Android here. Read how many ways you can use left over tin cans, what else you can do with toothpase, how you repair scuffed leather, and what’s the best way to make your fridge smell fragrant. With new Morfs being submitted every day, and the ability to submit your own Morfs and get thanked by other users, you’ll never stop finding extraordinary uses for everyday things.


What Do I Do With…

Find out what else you can do with common everyday objects, from baking soda to bandages, from vases to vinegar.

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How can I…

This option shows you how to solve problems, and make things out of everyday items.

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  2. View a list of Morfs that will help you solve your problem
  3. Find extraordinary solutions to everyday issues

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